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This product is organically certified by Cu Control Union the world group, The Netherlands as per the standards of Organic farming like NOP (USDA), EU (Europe) and NPOP.


  1. Controls water pollution in the fish/prawn pond by destroying fungal and bacterial infections within 2 hours after application reduce water pH in the pond.
  2. Protects from fish from diseases.
  3. Improves development of phytoplankton in the pond.
  4. Increase oxygen availability in the pond.
  5. Helps the fish to take more food and better growth there by additional income to the farmer.
  6. Controls white spot diseases in additional to other diseases.
  7. No need to use antibiotics.
  8. Healthy fish for better price.
  9. Cost effective when compared to traditional products.

DOSAGE: 500grams of powder per acre

Method of Application: Dissolve 500 grams powder in 5 liters of water. Soak overnight (10-12hours). Add 500ml of this solution for every 10 liters of water and spray. 500 grams of powder can be used for 100-120 liters of water.