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Dharani Groomer Herbal Powder Foliar Spray
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Quick Overview

A research based product developed with herbal plants. 100% organic Ayurvedic product that suits best in the integrated pest management. The product can control sucking pests and controls powder mildew on all crops.


Paddy, Cotton, Chillies, Groundnut, Vegetable, Turmeric, Potato, Mango, Citrus, Orgage, Tea, Coffe and flower gardens.



1. It controls sucking pest effectively (Jassids,thrips and mites).

2. Safety to beneficial insects Parasites and Predators.

3. Suitable for integrated pest management.

4. Stimulates plant growth and improves flowering and fruiting bodies.

5. Improve quality of the fruit with colour.

6. Anti-feedant, replanery and ovicidal action.

7. Long time protection for the crop against fungal & bacterial diseases.

8. It works like growth promoter-prevents flower & fruit dropping and it improve the         quality of the fruit, size, colour, it helps to get the high yield.

9. Ensure chemical residue free crop.

10. Safe to environment, human beings, animals, birds and natural predators.


Soak 500gms of Groomer Herbal Powder in 3 liters of water overnight (8-10hours) and mix thoroughly. Add 200ml solution per spray tank of water and spray simultaneously.


**** Volume of water may depend on the age of the crop and type of sprayer.

**** Depend on the pest and climate condition can be sprayed 3-4 times.

*** It can be mixed with any pesticides (Tank Mix)


DOSAGE: 500gms per acre


We have another feather in our cap of Dharani, the following farmer used our Dharani Groomer Herbal Powder on chillies crop along with other pesticides and insecticides in every doses, we have tested for pesticide residue on the crop of the farmenr, we founf all the pesticide residues are below the level of quantification (BLQ). The following is application schedule of pesticides on chillies.



  • Read Instruction carefully before use.
  • Keep away from the rooms premises used for storing articles (or) shall kept separately after making the solution or vice versa.
  • Keep in dark dry place.


The above recommendation has been made for the benefit of the user and are correct to the best of our knowledge however the usage of the product is out of our control.


* For sucking pest control use 500gms at any time with any chemical.

* For residual free crop use Dharani Groomer Herbal Powder from flowering stage to ripening stage with any pesticide or fungicide minimum 4-6 times.