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You get sparkling clean dishes, yet the product is earth-friendly. This is a real progress in this product category.

  1. Naturally and effectively removes persistent protein particles with proteases enzymes. These enzymes are not derived from animals or Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO).
  2. Removes starch, grease, coffe and tea stains.
  3. Excellent water softening properties.
  4. Prevents lime deposits on dishes.
  5. Rapidly and fully bio-degradable safe for septic systems.
  6. Phosphate, chlorine and GMO free.
  7. Pleasant Fragrance.

TO USE: For each dish use a pinch of the powder on a wet sponge. For rough and greasy dishes; sprinkle powder, water and soak for 5 minutes before scrubbing. For non-sticky dishes use a soft non-abrasives sponge. Store in an air-tight glass or plastic container. It is tested only in hand wash; therefore not recommended for usage in dish-washing machine.

Ingredients: Certified Organic soapberries certified organic neem leaves, certified organic zedoary & certified organic lemongrass essential oil. Store in an air-tight glass or plastic container. No of synthetic additives like bleaches, colorants other chemicals come into contact with your dishes or food when you use Dharani Natural Dish Wash Powder.