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About Us

Dharani Forestry & Orchards Limited is the first biggest Organic & Sustainable Dryland Horticulture Farm in India, located in 400 hectares at Punugodu Village, Kanigiri (Mandal) a remote area of Prakasam District, Andhra Pradesh,India.

The Beginning :

The first plant sown on December 10th 1986. The man behind the success is Mr. S.Anki Reddy, the promoter of Dharani, who shaped and moulded 400 hectares of dryland, with his 25 years of Nursery and Horticultural experience, into a cheerful picture of diverse group of plants and safety area for live stock.

The wise man strongly believes that greenish atmosphere maintains environmental equilibrium Mr. S.Anki Reddy is the first person to develop dryland Horticultural Technology in lowest rainfall area A.P. in India.

Mr.S.Anki Reddy recently has been nominated as the Member of the Research Advisory Group of the Institute of Forest Biodiversity, Hyderabad, under the Indian council of Forest Research & Education (ICFRE), Dehradun.

Eco Friendly Cultivation :

Horticulture in dryland can achieve the greatest saving in fossil energy consumption and thus in Co2 emission, by adopting labuor-intensive production process within the system of organic farming. In dryland horticulture by using well planned agro forestry inventions, timely pruning and mulching operations for more than 20 years achieved a lush green plantations which reflect the glow of health and nature's goodness. The earth does not need of chemical fertilizers to produce abundance. It was proved from this farm that the usage of bio-fertilizers & bio-pesticides is the best path for quality yield.

Intensive cropping demands quantities of plant nutrients and maintains soil fertility at a reasonable high level to sustain crop production at a profitable endeavour.Due to stagnation of water in the middle of the rows. There is no water wastage and soil erosion and also the soil capacity is developed with wastage of green plants. In the large scale horticulture farming the main requirment is air-circulation.

At Dharani Forestry & Orchards Limited animal protection division, there appear a large number of wild animals that reared under most hygienic conditions, in the cheerful atmosphere. At Dharani, there are Deers in 200 nos, Mangooses in 200 nos, Forest Parrot 1000 nos and number of different varieties of birds. These improve ecological imbalance. Grass is developed in the middle of rows of plantation, used to feed sheep and cattle. The wastage of cattle and sheep are utilized for trees as manure.